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We are extremely proud of our students’ accomplishments and achievements, and visits from our successful alumni not only further reiterate the efficacy of our program, but they remind us of the importance of our job and provide the reward for our faculty and administration.

To fully understand what Lake Castle is all about, it is recommended that interested parents attend one of the orientation meetings scheduled during the year.  We firmly believe that a solid education combined with old-fashioned values will enable our youth to successfully face life's challenges. At Lake Castle, "Excellence in Education" is not only our motto, but it is our modus operandi, and it is a tradition we are proud to continue.

Brian J. Butera

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.” PLATO, The Republic

Lake Castle Slidell Private School began in 1987 with a motto that still forms the backbone of our educational philosophy today: "Excellence in Education." At Lake Castle, students are challenged on a daily basis to do their best. Discipline, respect for teachers and fellow students, responsibility, and hard work are important attributes to achieve educational excellence. If any of the aforementioned is lacking, there is a breakdown in achievement.

Our teachers, our curriculum, and a structured classroom environment provide the solid bases for our students to learn, and the success of our program is evidenced by the many quality young men and ladies that we graduate each year.