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​​​Lake Castle Slidell Private School

Academic Achievements:


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Our advanced curriculum includes math, English, science, social studies, reading, and vocabulary/spelling.  Non-promotional subjects include computer literacy and physical education.  Religion (Catholic) is offered. Non-religion students have Reading Enrichment in our study hall.

  •  Average composite on the Stanford Achievement Test (10th ed.) in the top 20% of the nation
  • Most awards at the Academic Olympics
  • State and grand recognition honors in the Duke University Talent Identification Program
  • Many graduates become valedictorians, salutatorians, and honor graduates in high school, achieve National Merit and Advanced Placement honors, and earn scholarships
  • Alumni attend M.I.T., Caltech, Princeton, Tufts, William and Mary, LSU, Loyola, Spring Hill, Tulane, Georgia Tech, Rice, Purdue, University of Miami, Boston College, United States Naval Academy, and many other prestigious colleges and universities