First Place:         Amy Le Nguyen (LCNO)
Second Place:    Kevin Nguyen (LCNO)
Third Place:        Bradley Adams (LCM)
Fourth Place:    Jennifer Huynh (LCNO)
Fifth Place:        Nolan Clark (LCS)

Individual Grade Winners:
4th Grade:  
First Place:         Peyton Tran (LCS)
Second Place:    Michael Ekenta (LCS)
Third Place:        Grace Ballinger (LCS)

5th Grade:  
First Place:         Amy Le Nguyen (LCNO)
Second Place:    Kevin Nguyen (LCNO)
Third Place:        Jennifer Huynh (LCNO)

6th Grade:  
First Place:         Bradley Adams (LCM)
Second Place:    Gavin Ziegler (LCNO)
Third Place:        Amarachi Moghalu (LCM)

7th Grade:  
First Place:         Lissette Cabrera (LCS)

8th Grade:  
First Place:         Cassidy Chappuis (LCS)
Second Place:    Erik Rabensteiner (LCM)


Congratulations to the newly inducted members of the National Junior Beta Club.



8th grade           Shelbi Pyatt (1st)

8th grade           Zoe Zeilman (3rd)


6th grade           Ella Smith (4th)

7th grade           Elena Veeramony (3rd)

8th grade           Trinity Jacques (1st)


6th grade           Grace Ballinger (3rd)                         

7th grade           Taylor Vander (1st)

                            Nolan Clark (4th)

8th grade           Kalina Li (3rd)



6th grade           Peyton Tran (1st)

7th grade           Caleb Smith (1st)

                            Andrew Powell (2nd)

8th grade           Ryan Mulkey (1st)

                            Kate Gomez (2nd)


6th grade           Alicia White (4th)

7th grade           Zeke Lawrence (3rd)

8th grade           Breanna Sebring (3rd)

                            Sophia LeBouef (4th)


6th-8th grades  Grayson Hoggatt (1st)

                            Riley O'Rourke (2nd)

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Congratulations to the winners in the 2016 Christopher Condon Memorial Chess Tournament!

Congratulations to the newly inducted members of the National Junior Beta Club!


Congratulations to our K-8th grade chess team who advanced to the playoffs in the Louisiana Scholastic Chess League’s Team Tournament Competition.


Team Members:  Tré Goudeau, Grace Tran, Brian Guillot, Caleb Tolbert, Blake Johnson, Caleb Smith, and Mia Guillot.

Congratulations to our two SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Teams who competed in the Regional SeaPerch Competition on March 25, 2017, at Mississippi State University. The teams placed as follows:

Team Ring Master:      1st in Challenge
                                       1st in Presentation
                                       2nd in Obstacle
                                       2nd in Engineering Notebook
                                       1st OVERALL

Team Cubicle:               1st in Engineering Notebook
                                        1st in Obstacle
                                        Best Looking Robot Winner

Team Ring Master is headed for Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia, in May.  Good luck Team Ring Master, and congratulations to all our team members!

Congratulations to our two SeaPerch Robotics Teams!

Team Ringatron won the Gulf Coast Regional Competition (held in Biloxi), and Team Ring Fighter won the Mississippi State Regional Competition (held in Starkville)—

Both teams are advancing to the International SeaPerch Competition to be held June 1st-3rd in Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Congratulations to the newly inducted members of Lake Castle Slidell’s
National Junior Beta Club

Congratulations to our MathCounts Team who competed on Saturday, February 4th, 2017, at the regional competition held at the University of New Orleans.  Our team placed second overall and will advance to the State competition in Alexandria, Louisiana, on March 31st.  Three of our students placed in the top ten individually (Sydney Vander—2nd, Jason Ha—5th, and Grace Tran—8th) and competed in the Countdown round (Jason Ha—3rd in Countdown).  Sydney Vander achieved the second highest score in school history. Congratulations to our Mathletes!

Team Participants:  Sydney Vander, Jason Ha, Grace Tran, Jayden Raynes

Individual Competitors:  Taylor Vander, Caleb Tolbert, Nolan Clark, Kalina Li

Congratulations to

Anisha Patel and Ford Luscy

from our 

Class of 2013~

They are

National Merit Semifinalists

for 2017!

SeaPerch Robotics Team ​2015

Congratulations to our SeaPerch teams who competed in the Gulf Coast Regional SeaPerch competition held at the Biloxi Natatorium on Saturday, April 25, 2015.  Team Piranha comprised of Logan LeBlanc, Anthony Cabrera, Michele Lew, Addie Chappuis, Layla Galiano, Grace Tran, and Jaden Patel took first place in the Obstacle Course with the best time out of 21 schools—30 seconds.  Team SeaBee comprised of Ryver Alonso, Justin Guillot, Madison McElrath, Cassidy Chappuis, Kirsten Sheaffer, Matthew McConnell, and Josh Sabadie took third place in the Obstacle Course, second place in the Challenge, and second place in the Poster Presentation.  Placing in all three sections of the competition allowed Team SeaBee to win FIRST PLACE OVERALL in the competition, as no other school won in all three events.  This has qualified the team for the national competition which will be held at the end of May in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  Thank you to Mr. Oteri, Dr. Fong, and Mr. Butera for working with our teams, and congratulations to ALL of our participants.  This makes the fourth year in a row that Lake Castle has won at Regionals and advanced to Nationals.


The annual Pope John Paul II High School Academic Olympics competition was held on Saturday, October 14, 2017.  Ten local schools competed in the areas of reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, and technology. 

Pictured are the students who were members of the 2017 Lake Castle Slidell Academic Olympics team:



The following students were members of the 2017 Lake Castle Slidell Academic Olympics team:   

READING  – Michael Ekenta, Gabrielle Battaglia, Molly Minster, Alexis Ring, Shelbi Pyatt, Zoë Zeilman
LANGUAGE ARTS – Ella Smith, Mia Guillot, Elena Veeramony, Joelle Zengarling, Alexis Nowell, Trinity Jacques
MATH – Grace Ballinger, Ethan McElveen, Taylor Vander, Nolan Clark, Kalina Li, Larry Honeywood
SCIENCE – Peyton Tran, Kayden Dugas, Andrew Powell, Caleb Smith, Kate Gomez, Ryan Mulkey
SOCIAL STUDIES – Alicia White, Luke LeBlanc, Corrine Provenzano, Zeke Lawrence, Breanna Sebring, Sophia LeBouef   

TECHNOLOGY – Grayson Hoggatt and Riley O’Rourke

Lake Castle Slidell received the most total awards.
      7         First Place

      3         Second Place
      6         Third Place
      4         Fourth Place
    20         TOTAL

Congratulations to Team Ring Master who competed in the National SeaPerch Competition held in Atlanta, Georgia. The team placed second in the Engineering Notebook Competition, third in the Obstacle Competition, and fifth place overall out of 72 teams!

Congratulations to our SeaPerch teams!
Team Ballstar and Team Absorber won six trophies at Regionals!
Team Absorber advanced to Nationals and placed second in the Obstacle Course!


The annual Pope John Paul II High School Academic Olympics competition was held on Saturday, October 6, 2018.  Eight local schools competed in the areas of reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, and S.T.E.M. 

The following students were members of the 2018 Lake Castle Slidell Academic Olympics team:   
READING –Patrick Lewis, Caleb Natividad, Dakota Burnett, Taylor Raj, Alexis Ring, Alex Sheaffer 
LANGUAGE ARTS –Aaron Frick, Reese Maguire, Remie Chautin, Ella Smith, Molly Minster, Elena Veeramony
MATH –Audrey Orzech, Ethan Watts, Grace Ballinger, Michael Ekenta, Nolan Clark, Taylor Vander 
SCIENCE – Bailey Anderson, Sang Nguyen, Ethan McElveen, Peyton Tran, Brooklyn McCollum, Andrew Powell 
SOCIAL STUDIES– Vincent Jeanfreau, Ellie LeBouef, Kallen Huth, Alicia White, Zeke Lawrence, Corrine Provenzano 
S.T.E.M. –Ella Guillot, Anna Jurich 

Lake Castle Slidell received the most total awards.

            8          First Place
            7          Second Place
            5          Third Place      
            3          Fourth Place    
            23         TOTAL

The following students placed at competition:                                                                

                      6th grade          Patrick Lewis                        1st
                      6th grade          Caleb Natividad                   3rd  
                      7th grade          Taylor Raj                              2nd
                      7th grade          Dakota Burnett                    4th
                      8th grade          Alex Sheaffer                        2nd   
                      8th grade          Alexis Ring                             4th
                      7th grade          Ella Smith                                2nd  
                      8th grade          Elena Veeramony                  1st 
                      8th grade          Molly Minster                         3rd 

                       6th grade          Audrey Orzech                      1st
                       7th grade          Grace Ballinger                      1st  
                       8th grade          Taylor Vander                        1st 
                       8th grade          Nolan Clark                            2nd 

                       6th grade          Sang Nguyen                          1st
                       7th grade          Peyton Tran                            1st
                       7th grade          Ethan McElveen                     2nd
                       8th grade          Brooklyn McCollum              3rd       
                       8th grade          Andrew Powell                       4th 
                       7th grade          Alicia White                            2nd 
                        8th grade         Corrine Provenzano             2nd
                        8th grade         Zeke Lawrence                      3rd

                        6th-8th grades   Ella Guillot                           1st 
                                                      Anna Jurich                         3rd 

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who participated!

"Excellence in Education"

​​Lake Castle Slidell Private School